The cafe Les Deux Garçons in exceptional era consular Hotel De Gantes decor, is named in memory of the two waiters who had bought in 1840. The famous Brasserie Aix is ​​located in a quality building built in 1660 and listed as a historic monument. The memory of numerous personalities remains attached to it: Raimu, Jouvet, Minstinguett, Andre Maurois, Churchill, Saarland, Picasso, Bosco, Piaf, Cendrars, Trenet, Delon, Belmondo, Tino Rossi, Jean Cocteau, Darius Milhaud. Cezanne spent the three hours before dinner with his friend the Mignet school, Emile Zola. The main stages of the city of Aix were often linked to the memory of coffee: the events of the revolution of 89 in Provence to the creation of the Festival of Lyric Art after the Second World War. Politics, arts, literature, fashion and the show are in the room for two hundred years to the appointment of Two Boys. Jean Giono wrote: "Coffee for Two Boys in a parallel story to the history of Provence." 2G is now a place of relaxation and popular meeting Aix, many tourists and still the world of arts and entertainment (Sophie Marceau, Patrick Bruel, Jean Reno, Hugh Grant, George Clooney ....).


Les étoiles

des Deux Garçons

Here are some personalities who attended and for some still attending the Brasserie Les Deux Garçons. The restaurant is a top meeting place for film stars and the arts in general. Portraits of famous people who have signed the guest book of the Brasserie Les Deux Garçons appear on the walls of the stairwell donnat access to the private room 2G.